PS4 and PS5 versions may be released soon

Trophy lists the appearance of Unpacking versions on PS4 and PS5, indicating that a release of the game on Sony platforms is coming soon.

evacuation It has become a cult classic in the gaming community since its release late last year. Relaxing game about interior design and decoration has been a popular choice for fans who are looking for a relaxing and relaxing game. Developed by Witch Beam, this game was a huge hit that fits well among popular slow-paced games like animal crossing And Maine Craft. With the game’s success on PC, Switch, and Xbox, PS4 and PS5 releases were inevitable when the two were announced in March, and recent leaks suggest that a Sony platform release for the game might not be too far away.

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While evacuation The game lost the Game Awards last year, and has already seen modest success for a relatively new developer. The second installment of Witch Beam has sold over 100,000 copies within just a week and a half of the game’s debut in November 2021 and has garnered numerous accolades from other Game Awards shows, with critics praising the game’s narrative and sound design. has not been evacuation Gearing up for the move to PS4 and PS5, the Game Awards list on both consoles has surfaced online.

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The latest update of the PSN award aggregator site PSNProfiles saw the lists of awards for the PS4 and PS5 versions of evacuation It was added to the website with the leak indicating that the prizes were officially made available via PSN. The updated list shows a total of 26 rewards that can be obtained through gameplay evacuation On PSN, though, all trophies outside of the game’s Platinum Cup are currently listed as Secret. While fans may not be able to see the full list of PlayStation releases, a similar number for other releases indicates that Sony platforms will offer similar prizes to their PC and Xbox counterparts.

PSNProfiles reveals award list for evacuation It strongly indicates that a game release is coming in the near future, while other early prize listings similarly refer to an accelerated version of the game. For example, the PS5 indie game fatal shell It previously saw its PS5 Cup roster leaked less than two weeks before its March 4th release. However, it should be noted that no official announcement has been made by Witch Beam or the publisher of Humble Games about an exact release date for evacuationPS4 and PS5 versions.

evacuationA possible release on PS4 and PS5 in the coming weeks will join a stack of indie games set to hit Sony consoles throughout the spring. April saw the release of popular indie games lake And Nobody saves the worldDevolver Digital and the long-awaited developer Flying Wild Hog Journey to my day It is slated to release on consoles early next month. evacuation You’ll be looking to deliver the same relaxing power and subtle combo that’s made it so successful on other platforms when it hits PS4 and PS5 perhaps in the near future.

evacuation Now available for PC, Switch, and Xbox One. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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Source: PSNProfiles

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