Redesigned iPad Pro with a glass back and MagSafe may not happen in 2022

Instead of using a glass back panel, Apple is testing prototypes with a glass logo that allows MagSafe to be added to the iPad Pro.

For those who are eagerly waiting iPad Pro Rocking the same glass-metal sandwich construction as the iPhone, fragility concerns reportedly prompted Apple to abandon the idea of ​​a glass back panel on its tablet. last year, BloombergMark Gorman predicted that a design shift for the 2022 iPad Pro update is in the works, and tablets larger than 12.9 inches are also under consideration. Since then, numerous rumors have surfaced regarding other hardware upgrades for Apple’s next flagship tablet.

Previously, MyDrivers It has posted purported images of the upcoming iPad Pro, which features a white glass back panel and a camera island similar to that of the iPhone 13 Pro. Rumors are that the upcoming iPad Pro will come with an upgraded camera and next-generation Apple M2 silicon which is also expected to make its way to the color update MacBook Air slated for launch in early 2022.

Today display

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While the rumor mill keeps busy and concept artists keep busy, 9to5Mac Reports suggest that Apple has dropped plans for a glass back for iPad Pro models due to debut later this year. Citing sources familiar with Apple’s design plans, the report blames the cancellation on the fragility of the glass. Cracked iPhone back panels are unheard of, but when you add the weight of the tablet into the equation, the risk of cracking the glass panel increases. Then there is the cost of repairing a cracked iPad Pro to consider.

There is still hope in MagSafe

iPad Pro 2021 in two sizes

While scrapping the glass back panel also means wireless charging and MagSafe support are out of the question, there’s still some hope. Apple is said to be testing prototypes where the logo on the back is made of glass. Behind this logo is where Apple apparently plans to fit wireless power transmission devices into its MagSafe charging system. In addition, the company is said to be using stronger magnets this time around, and the rate of wireless power transmission has also gone up.

What this means is that MagSafe is still very much possible in the 2022 iPad Pro update. However, since discussions center around typical hardware, there’s a reasonable chance that these changes might not show up on the final product. Apple will certainly weigh factors such as ease of mass production and manufacturing costs before implementing any of the ideas currently in place on typical hardware. Not to mention that these details didn’t come directly from apple, It should be eaten with some salt.

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Sources: 9to5Mac

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