Review: Samsung’s The Frame TV is a masterpiece

It’s as old an anecdote as big-screen TVs are—and a pretty cliched tale at that: When my husband and I moved into our new apartment in March, one of our first talking points was the size of our new TV.

As stereotypes might suggest, he wanted bigger, and I wanted flair – seemingly contradictory qualities. I’ve posted my own puzzle on Instagram: Should we buy a giant TV that fits all of our sports, movies, or hot– Monitor needs? Or choose something aesthetically pleasing to make our living room look even more Arch Digest from MTV family? My Instagram community gave an overwhelming, almost universal response: Samsung’s The Frame TV.

The Frame, my friends and followers sent to me with varying degrees of fervor, was not only the solution to my dilemma, but also my dream electronic TV. What surprised me the most about the response stream was not that they were all the same on that particular TV, but that many of them included images in their DMs – images of their actual TVs in their actual homes. People I didn’t even know. They liked their TVs very much and found them attractive. On top of that, almost all of them said I should go for a bigger TV than my husband wanted. The collective Internet assured me that this is attractive.

(Image credit: Samsung)

But let me take a step back: what he is Samsung Frame TV? It’s a TV that, when turned on, is simply a very impressive, very high quality TV. The 4K QLED screen means you can see every grain of sweat on Cristiano Ronaldo’s face, every lap of the Duke of Hastings’ brow. But turn off the TV and the magic will happen. Instead of a black screen, you have the option to display a piece of art. Samsung has a million artworks to choose from (the actual number is 1,400, which is basically the same thing) including classic Monet paintings, signature photographs, and more contemporary pieces. You can also choose from your own photo library if you’d like an original. The color is so vibrant, even Claude’s water lilies would be jealous. My new friends online told me that Art Mode was a big reason to choose this TV – it turns a space-eating device into something you actually want on your wall when you’re not using it.

Once we installed our new 55″ tire, I was with a great happiness. The TV is wall mounted and is as slim as a real piece of art. The frame itself is a customizable add-on: the TV comes with a thin black bezel, but I chose a walnut frame to add to the TV screen or is it Monet? Effect. For fanciful peaks (and energy savings), you can also activate an internal motion sensor that turns on Art Mode when it senses motion — so your TV can “turn off” normally, but go back to viewing art when someone enters the room. It all feels like some kind of magic, which, as a Harry Potter fan, might be the reason why I love it.

Samsung Frame TV Review

Before moving on: Choose between a 55-inch TV and a 65-inch TV.

(Photo credit: Sally Holmes)

Samsung Frame TV Review

A 55 inch TV was installed after the move.

(Photo credit: Sally Holmes)

My only regret? I should have trusted my new online friends/unofficial The Frame Fan Club and used the bigger frame. Using a trick I learned from Dream Home Makeover on Netflix (why yes, it’s the perfect show for binge-watching on a rainy afternoon!), I selected two TV sizes—55-inch and 65-inch—into a blue stripe on the wall. I polled my Instagram again to get what you want. Most said it’s bigger (some people even emailed me to tell me to go bigger than 75!), but I thought the compromise of 55″ (hey, I thought 50 inches sounds gigantic!) was enough of a compromise and I couldn’t Really imagine any TV that would look so cute I want it so big. Unfortunately, once I installed it on my wall, I realized that it might be the only TV on the planet that I wish could take up more space.

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