Rogue Legacy 2 now on PC and Xbox

Rogue Legacy 2 It’s now out of Early Access and officially available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game is a sequel to rogue legacyreleased in 2013.

In the series, players can look forward to trying out new game mechanics such as Heirlooms. This new game also improves the themes to offer more value to playing risk versus reward.

In a statement, developers Cellar Door Games shared that the game is more than just a sequel. It’s the culmination of everything the team has learned over the years since the original version was released. He added that they put everything they had into this new game and hope to bring the same sense of discovery and joy as the original game did.

Some of the game’s main features include:

  • Every adventure is unique

    • New monsters, new traps, and new designs await players every time they enter the kingdom.

    • This is a world where improvisation, not memorization, is the key to success.

  • Significantly new categories

  • Brand new style

    • The sequel features 2.5D engraving, with 3D characters against hand-drawn backgrounds.

    • The art uses heavy shading, and all animations are performed using gradient techniques to maintain the familiar RL look and feel.

  • Bio-Generation Renewed

    • Biome generation now makes each area look brand new.

    • Each biome adopts different “building strategies” to create completely unique but still randomly generated regions.

  • True Metroidvania

    • To really push Metroidvania style, the game introduces Heirlooms.

    • These are special items that permanently give heroes new abilities that reveal the secrets of the entire world.

    • These are not basic locking abilities but powers that fundamentally change the way the game is played.

    • Legacies aren’t just handed over to players. They must prove their worth, provided they can find them.

  • Features 2.0

    • Gold modifiers have been added to motivate players to take on new challenges.

    • The more exhausted the attribute (in the game), the higher the reward.

    • This should make the choice of heirs a worthwhile decision each time.

  • Effects and determination

    • Players now have the ability to capture relics.

    • These are unique items that change the way the player plays the run.

    • Get stats, complete special challenges, and get brand new abilities as you journey through the kingdom.

    • The more relics obtained, the stronger the resolve.

    • All relics are lost if the hero dies.

The game is available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store for $24.99.

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