Rugged PC – Industry News: Rugged, April 26, 2022

Taipei, Taiwan – April 26, 2022 – The RuggON Corporation reports that its rugged RuggON 10″ SOL PA501B tablet is now available with Android 11 and full Google GMS certification, providing a wealth of features for enterprise security as well as IT and user device control features. Android 11 runs on Improve enterprise workflow and task management by making tablet operation, privacy setting, and connected devices easier to use and manage at work and on the job.

Extreme hardness, longevity and GMS certification

The SOL PA501B is designed and built to withstand extreme abuse. Their virtually impervious design and construction help the PA501B SOL Discs not only get the job done, but also improve company asset management by reducing money spent on hardware repair or replacement. In addition, Google certification means adherence to stringent enterprise-focused requirements, which adds an extra level of quality assurance for our customers.

Packed with the ruggedness and processing performance to run any task in any environment, Android 11 makes the RuggON PA501B an even more powerful and easy-to-use device for enterprise deployments.

Improving the efficiency of carrying out fleet management tasks

Fleet management around the world is increasingly relying on technology and digitization to improve asset availability and efficiency as well as driver safety. The SOL PA501B with Android 11 connects wirelessly to Android Auto, providing a clean, efficient interface for drivers with quick access to mission and navigation support apps.

Android Auto supports voice-activated commands, a handy feature to get directions, respond to text messages, check road conditions and more while driving to make sure the driver never has to take their eyes off the road. With Android 11, accessing voice is faster and easier to use.

File-level encryption and individual authorization of secret privileges

Front line workers have special requirements for their computer equipment. This may include quick emergency unlock, one-time authorization of secret microphone, webcam, and location access privileges. Android 11 supports all of these requirements.

Another big advance in Android 11 is file-level encryption. This eliminates the need to encrypt and decrypt an entire storage drive, and enables the highest levels of data privacy and security.

Security updates

An important feature of Android is its ability to receive and apply security and privacy updates and fixes via Google Play in real time, without having to wait for the next full OS update.

Renewed notifications make work easier

Sharing notifications is an integral part of staying connected with your organization and those on the front lines. Android 11 makes notifications more organized, streamlined and efficient.

About Rogon
RuggON specializes in the design and manufacture of robust and highly competitive mobile phone solutions. Exceptional technical expertise and dedicated service and support teams allow RuggON to deliver great flexibility and value in meeting specific customer needs in a variety of vertical markets. The company prides itself on relentless pursuit of innovation and extensive industry knowledge to bring MIT (Made in Taiwan) quality and reliability to all customers. RuggON strives to exceed customer expectations with the kind of quick response and laser sharp focus on changing market demands that leads to lasting success.


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