Samsung begins production of first 77-inch and 49-inch QD-OLED TVs

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According to market research firm, DSCC, Samsung Display will begin mass production of 49-inch and 77-inch QD-OLED TV panels next year. At present, Samsung Display only mass-produces 55-inch and 65-inch QD-OLED panels that will be used for Samsung S95B and Sony A95K TV models.

Samsung’s new hybrid TV technology is already creating huge levels of excitement among mainstream consumers and display enthusiasts with its ability to produce the best features of both QD (Quantum Dot) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode).

The board technology was initially announced at CES 2022 with early use announced by Alienware, Sony, and Samsung. The latest reports from DSCC are likely to see QD-OLED use more openly in both TVs and gaming monitors – with a 49-inch QD-OLED panel that looks tailored to the brand’s Odyssey G9 Ultra HD gaming monitor.

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The first two QD-OLED panels in 77 and 49 sizes will be launched next year

The reports come from a Korean report by Chosun Biz, which states that market research firm, DSCC, has confirmed mass production of new QD-OLED panels.

The report states that “Samsung Display plans to add 49-inch and 77-inch products next year to enhance its QD-OLED range— which comes as no real surprise — especially when you consider how good QD-OLED panels are expected to be.

This comes just weeks after reports that Samsung Display is working on a new manufacturing process that could see QD-OLED technology match OLED technology in features and dimensions. This report also suggested that along with thinner QD-OLED TVs, we may also see cost drops thanks to cheaper manufacturing methods.

Regardless, Samsung Display will use Multi-Model Glass (MMG) in its production of the QD-OLED panels, allowing different panel sizes to be cut using the same 8.5G substrate.

According to FlatpanelsHD, at present, the monthly production capacity of Samsung Display is currently 30,000 substrates that can be divided into approximately 1.8 million 55-inch / 65-inch QD-OLED screens – with an expected return of 100% annually. This means that Samsung Display should be able to use 100% of the panels cut from each substrate, which could bring the average market for QD-OLED TVs and screens down a bit.

Having said that, Samsung recently praised the production team for having exceeded 75% return on the initial pillar – with 90% expected in the second half of this year.

Expected QD-OLED TVs & Screens

At the time of writing, only Samsung, Sony and Alienware have confirmed the use of QD-OLED panel technology. While TCL was expected to release a QD-OLED TV, it appears that this is no longer the case. Additionally, while Panasonic is said to be evaluating panel technology, there are no indications that it has used this technology this year.

Here are all the latest updates we have for upcoming QD-OLED TV and Display releases:

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