Samsung M8 Monitor Comes With Webcam, Speakers, and Smart TV Features for $700

Samsung’s latest smart display, the 32-inch 4K M8, is now available for pre-order in four colors: white, blue, green and pink. The white color option will cost $699.99, while the other colors cost an additional $30. Samsung announced the M8 during CES 2022, though it didn’t share a price or that it would arrive in several colors. The company still has not shared the release date. At the moment, you can only reserve – not direct purchase – the M8 display. After you book by entering your email address, you’ll eventually be able to pre-order one, and Samsung says your purchase will include a $100 Samsung credit for future use.

Its colorful design and slim profile can make the M8 suitable for the M1 iMacs range. Compared to Apple’s more relevant product, the $1,600 studio monitor, the M8’s mapped feature easily beats it.

The screen itself can play video-streaming apps like Apple TV Plus, Netflix, and Disney Plus, has built-in speakers and support for HDR 10+. It can use Google Duo to video chat using the fixed webcam (Samsung says it has face tracking and auto-zoom functions). You can even run Microsoft 365 web applications using the M8 by simply connecting a keyboard and mouse. It can also be controlled via Bixby, Alexa or Google Assistant. Heck, it even supports AirPlay 2.

If you have a keyboard and mouse, that’s all you need to move to Microsoft 365 web apps.

It’s a lot more PC meets TV than Studio Display, for a fraction of the cost. And the included mount (though not VESA-compliant, which we prefer) is height-adjustable and tilt-supported. The screen can be moved up or down to meet your desktop, just like Samsung’s unique Space Monitor.

For all these perks, it may not be what some Mac users are looking for. The M8 supports 4K resolution compared to the 5K panel in Studio Display. Like the Space Monitor, the M8’s connectivity leaves much to be desired. It has a mini HDMI port and two USB-C ports (which support 65W charging), only one of which can handle video or data transfer.

Samsung M8 Smart Screen

I love the quarrelsome choice to highlight the Apple TV Plus in this photo.

And since we haven’t seen the M8’s build or image quality live or tested its webcam, we don’t know exactly how it will compare. But if you’re looking for a stylish, feature-packed display that makes Apple’s design unusual, this might be a good option for the many Mac or Windows users who have been amazed at the questionable value of the Studio Display.

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