Samsung releases important update for Galaxy S10 Lite with One UI 4.1 and many new features

Samsung released the update to 1 UI 4.1 with a lot of new capabilities for the Galaxy S10 Lite in the 7-day course. The update brings a bunch of improvements and will be automatically distributed to all buyers in the coming times and weeks. As always, the overview of the official release notes provides a complete overview of all the improvements I’ve incorporated below. Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Take note 10 Lite, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy A72 have one UI update 4.1 obtained it in advance. The update also includes the latest stability updates from Google, just as effective as the bug fixes and improvements provided in each individual update. It is suggested that you backup your data again before upgrading to protect it through the upgrade. The update can now only be installed for one of the UI 4.1 of the Galaxy S10 Lite by performing the update via ⚙ Menu → Options → Software Update → Download and install down. To download the latest stability updates for your product, your device must have the latest Android version offered. More facts about this update can be found below or at Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite April 2022 Update -> Description

The update has the obligation to create the scope and can now be downloaded and entered through the update purpose by ⚙ Menu → Configurations → Software Package Update → Upload and Download.

  • System: Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G770F) – Diversity Configuration: G770FXXU6GVD1
  • Release Date: 04-27 2022 – Security Patch Amount: 04-01-2022

Innovations and improvements for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite:

One UI Update 4.1: One UI 4.1 includes the latest features for your Galaxy device. Easier, more fun, secure, and less complicated to use than ever. The changes are comprehensive below.


Additional capabilities for your memories. Gallery consists of increasing capabilities to edit and organize photos and videos, and sharing is now much easier than ever.

  • Great editing apps Make searching in your photos so much better than ever. Increases clarity of blurred faces, corrects distortion that appears on TVs or PC monitors, increases brightness and resolution.
  • More Tips: Get help capturing artistic photos and dramatic highlights. The gallery will give you the best results for your shots.
  • Insert selfie results – You can now augment blur results to date any impression that characterizes a person.
  • Re-expose the portrait: Change the publicity of the photos, even after you have taken them, to ensure that your photos often look perfect.
  • Turn unnecessary action shots into super simple photos: Help save your storage house by turning action shots into essential photos. The gallery will advise images where movement is not required, such as these types of paperwork.
  • Share albums as backlinks: You don’t need to invite other people individually to shared albums. Basically create a hyperlink that you can share with anyone, even if you don’t have a Samsung account or Galaxy unit.
  • All your invitations at one glance: Easily accept album sharing invitations, even if you’ve canceled the notification. Unanswered invites to appear at the top of the shared albums list.
  • Develop time-lapse videos Turn the impression into a 24-hour time-lapse video. A button appears for illustrations or photos that include landscapes, which include sky, h2o objects, mountains, or urban areas. It will appear in your video as if an entire day has passed.

RA . region

Realize yourself in augmented reality like never before. Create emojis, stickers, drawings and more.

Google Duo

Stay connected with high quality video calls online. 1 The user interface includes features unique to this purpose.

  • Additional steps in the course of video phone calls: You can share the presentation of another app during the movie, and connect with them on Google Duo. Watch YouTube movies side by side, share photos, discover maps, and more.
  • Join video calls in presentation mode: In the context of a video phone on your cell phone, you can join the similar phone on your tablet in presentation mode. The tablet screen will be shared with other attendees, even though the audio and video clip is still playing on your cell phone.


Find out more about your workouts and make improvements to your workout tracking in the latest version of Samsung Health.

  • Get a visualization of your overall body composition – set goals for your body weight, systemic fat participation, and skeletal muscle mass. You will get instructions on how to achieve your goals.
  • Set up improved rest routines: Monitor your sleep and get advice based on your sleep patterns.
  • Improved Training Recording: On your Galaxy Enjoy4, you can set interval training goals before you start running or cycling. You will receive a report on your mobile phone upon completion. Your insight can also give you information and facts about sweat loss on the job and coronary EKG recovery for cardio exercise.

wise switch

Transfer contacts, photos, messages, and options from a previous cell phone or tablet to your new Galaxy device. With One UI 4.1, you can move a lot more than ever.

  • More Transfer Solutions: You get 3 options when transferring written content to your new Galaxy device. You can transfer everything, only your accounts, contacts, calls and messages or just the products you choose.

Find smart problems

Discover your phone, tablet, look at your headphones and more with the SmartThings Locate app.

  • Get notified when you go away from something while driving: let misplaced products drive. You can get alerts when your Galaxy SmartTag is noticeably absent from your mobile phone.
  • Come drop units together: you can share your products area with each other. If the system is dropped, others can help you by searching for it nearby.


One UI 4.1 provides you with additional strategies for sharing content with other people.

  • WiFi Share: Use Speedy Share to share your existing WiFi with other people. The man or woman you share the community with can connect instantly without having to enter the password.
  • Also share your editing legacy when sharing photos and movies: When you share illustrations or photos and movies with Quick Share, you can combine your entire editing background so the recipient can see what you’ve changed or go back to the original.
  • Share suggestions with other people: Did you find something useful about applying tips? Click the share icon to forward it to a close friend.

More functions and developments

  • Color Palette – Personalize your cell phone with special colors that mainly depend on your wallpaper. Your custom color palette now appears in additional apps, including Google apps.
  • Wise Suggestions: Just buy your Galaxy smarter. When you start incorporating a celebration into your calendar, your gadget will suggest an address and time based mostly on text messages and other exercises on your phone. You can expect to get very similar strategies in Calendar, Reminders, Keyboard, Messaging, and other apps.
  • Get rid of shadows and reflections in Photo Editor: Shadows and reflections are removed mechanically when you use the eraser on objects.
  • Insert emojis into your calendar: In addition to stickers, you can now extend emojis to a single day on your calendar to express your thoughts.
  • Choose apps to correct text content on Samsung keyboard: Choose the apps you want to make text corrections automatically. Turn proofing for word processing apps to improve spelling and grammar, and turn it off for texting apps where you want to be less formal.
  • Additional accessible keyboard capabilities: Language-specific keyboard layouts, input solutions, and functions can now be accessed in much more locations, so you can effortlessly diversify without a theme anywhere. You can usually go back to the previous pledge in the options.
  • Harmony adjustment: In the accessibility options, you can change the audio harmony that remains left/perfect for associated devices such as speakers or headphones independently of the sound balance of your phone’s speakers. This allows you to achieve an excellent balance of the headphones without affecting the sound of the ringtone and speakers.
  • New Bixby routines: You can now perform routines that improve observation handling or allow for superior options like Battery Saver.
  • Modify your virtual memory: choose the amount of digital memory for your cell phone using “RAM plus” in the unit service. An increased value improves overall performance, when decreasing interest saves disk home.
  • Video game optimization support: CPU / GPU performance will not be affected at the start of the game. The electrical power management process is carried out based on the temperature of the machine. The overall performance management method for the options video game is used in Sport Booster. The third celebration applications can go beyond sport improvement service. Some applications require to be updated independently after updating to Single UI 4.1.

Samsung Galaxy Software Updates

If you get a new smartphone or tablet, Samsung will continue to provide you with software package updates after purchase. These can be new options, but also security updates that are available using get. We authorize the preparation of these updates as they are released. It’s really easy to stay informed about the availability of new updates for your smartphone or tablet: if auto-update is activated, you will routinely receive a notification on your cell system when an update is offered to get it and install it.

matching functions

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