Slack pays tribute to Apple’s new iPad Air while boosting collaboration

In what may be a small homage to the recent entry of the M1-powered iPad Air, Slack has introduced a major update to its iPad app with better design and more functionality.

What’s new in Slack for iPad?

Slack has improved the design and added new features to the iPad version of the app. The success of asynchronous collaboration applications like Slack reflects the continuous evolution of the enterprise, which has become hybrid, connected and global.

New features in Slack for iPad include a new two-column design that makes it easy to multitask and navigate multiple conversations. Slack users will also be able to use improvements to the Slack sidebar, which allows them to sort by recent activity, sync preferences, and more. Improved labels, better screen readability, improvements across build, search, bookmarks, and other tools are also included in the release. A long press on the channel name allows users to access a contextual menu for better channel controls.

The focus is really on collaboration in the remote organization.

HP Director of Communications Technology Greg Epstein put it this way: “The usability improvements made to the Slack iPad app will improve how our team members collaborate on the edge more easily across our digital ecosystem.”

What does Slack say?

Akshay Bakshi, Group Product Manager for mobile, at Slack said in a statement:

“Millions of people use Slack across multiple devices, and the iPad app is a popular addition to their workflow. We understand that the iPad is a unique device that demands the power of a desktop experience with the simplicity of a mobile app.

Slack’s updated iPad app bridges this gap and allows users to stay productive, organized, and connected to their digital headquarters in the world of work from anywhere.

“We’re committed to providing an enjoyable iPad experience, and we look forward to releasing more improvements later this year, including helpful keyboard shortcuts and additional support for accessories.”

For whom is this?

I’m already looking into how Slack on the iPad can help my Mac-based workflow, particularly with the introduction of Universal Control. It’s now possible to keep Slack (and other communication tools) on your iPad with more focus on current tasks on your Mac. I don’t even need to move between application windows on the computer to maintain the connection using the tablet.

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It seems that Slack sees this as an opportunity. The company says it will introduce more updates, including improved support for keyboard shortcuts and accessibility, later this year. This makes sense since Apple Universal Control allows you to use the Mac keyboard to start shortcuts on a connected iPad.

Slack itself claims to have over 10 million daily active users, so it makes sense to consider that a significant number of them use iPads.

Salesforce acquired the company in 2021. At the time, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff promised that the combined companies would “create the digital headquarters that empowers every organization to drive customer and employee success from anywhere.”

This purchase came after Apple and Salesforce entered into a strategic partnership in 2018. The focus of this partnership was to provide CRM solutions for iOS devices, including the iPad. This was a smart move in two ways: Apple capitalized on the enterprise popularity of Salesforce and its apps, while the latter was able to make the most of the enterprise industry’s transition to Apple solutions, led by the iPad, iPhone, and BYOD.

Since then, Apple and its growing ecosystem of partners have continued to develop the company’s presence in the space.

In related news, Cisco last week introduced Picture in Picture support for the Webex Meetings app on the iPad.

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