Some fans think Persona 5 is being teased by Xbox because of this tweet

A post on Twitter by some Xbox fans speculating that Atlus will bring Persona 5 to PC and Xbox in the near future.

Xbox gamers have always been deprived of Character JRPG franchise. The closest they got was the sub-games of the fighting game Persona 4 Arena and his Ultimax The upgrade released on Xbox 360. As for the main series, none of them were released on Xbox. Only two of them were transferred to the PC. However, Xbox JRPG fans have not given up hope. In fact, they are beginning to think that a Character The Xbox console port could be closer than ever.

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A tweet from an official Xbox account sparked speculation about Persona 5 It will likely be ported to Xbox consoles and PC. However, any speculation is just that, as the tweet does not provide such direct confirmation. The official Windows Twitter account responded to a fan talking about Atlus’ plans for 2022 announcements and game releases. The response came from Windows, “It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly six years since then Persona 5 Released in the United States! How many times have you played since then, counting Royal Definitely?”

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What led Xbox fans to guess about a Persona 5 A port that will be announced soon is how weird the Windows Tweet is and beyond. Nothing related to Windows was mentioned in the initial post, and during that Character name dropped, Persona 5 And Royal It is not specifically mentioned. The initial post wasn’t viral or anything either. He has 230 likes and 13 retweets. In other words, it’s very strange that a Windows Twitter account would go out of its way to make this response.

Thus Xbox fans believed the Windows tweet was a promotional effort. The idea is that a Windows account is trying to spark a conversation about Persona 5 And Persona 5 Royal Coming to PC and Xbox without explicitly saying it. There doesn’t seem to be another explanation as to why a Windows account made this post on Twitter.

The counter-argument is that if Xbox, Windows, and Microsoft plan to harass a file Persona 5 Advertise or partner with Atlus, they probably won’t do this via a Windows Twitter account in random replies on Twitter. Of course, all this leads to articles being written about him, so perhaps it will be exactly as planned.

The biggest conversation to have is whether Atlus is ready to start partnering with Xbox for major game releases like Persona 5 or future versions yet. The Character The series has been a console exclusive to PlayStation since 1996, after all. Bringing games to Xbox would be a huge transformation. However, there’s no denying that services like Xbox Game Pass make it an attractive destination in a way that it might not have been before. Time will tell.

Persona 5 Currently available on PS4 and PS5.

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