Some of the best Indie RPG Maker horror games can’t be found on Steam

There are plenty of RPG Maker horror games available on Steam today, from atmospheric titles, such as Ip And nikki’s dayto more exciting, like crazy father And disabled man. All of these games feature distinct gameplay, with a top-down view of the player’s character and environment. These aspects are what categorize these games as RPG Maker horror games.

However, these are just a few of the many indie horror RPG Maker games that emerged in the 2000s. There is still a lot available online for free; All it takes is a little digging.

Today’s video games

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Ao unni

Ao unni It is one of the oldest known RPG Maker horror game which has gained immense popularity. Created by noprops and released sometime in the late 2000s, the game is about a student named Hiroshi and his circle of friends as they explore an abandoned mansion. Unfortunately for them, the mansion was filled with huge monsters, known as “onni”. With her unnatural eyes and rows of sharp teeth, the titular Oni is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying monsters in the horror RPG Maker genre.

Ao unniThe gameplay is mostly based on solving puzzles inside the mansion. Completing puzzles enhances the narrative and provides the player with useful tools that they can use later in the game. The progression also eventually sheds light on how the strange Oni was created. However, Oni can appear to disrupt the player’s progress at any time, beginning a chase sequence where the player must escape from the monster until it surrenders.

As noted by more YouTube creators and gaming communities Ao unniIts popularity has grown. This resulted in the game getting its light novel, two different manga series, a lively movie, and adaptations from the anime. Despite this, the game is not available on Steam, although the English subtitles can be downloaded online.

Reply: Kinder

Reply: Kinder It is actually a new version of another RPG Maker game called Kinder. Reply: Kinder It was created on the latest RPG Maker, but both made by Parun. Released in 2010, the story centers on a young boy named Shunsuke, who returns home from vacation with his grandparents only to find a wasteland. He joins his friends to find out what’s going on. They soon begin to realize that the strange events have something to do with another young boy named Yuuichi.

Reply: Kinder It takes advantage of the RPG Maker’s combat system, so the player will have to fight through exotic monsters to advance in the story. During this battle sequence, the player can also control Shunsuke’s friends, so it is best to know their unique abilities. Apart from this, it is important to note that the game’s narrative deals with heavy topics, such as mental illness, abuse, and suicide.

Although not as famous as Ao unniAnd Reply: Kinder It’s still a game worth playing, especially because of its strong narrative and the message it sends about mental health. An English translation of the game can be downloaded online.

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turning off

turning off It is an RPG Maker game created by Unproduc Fun Time and released in the year 2008. In this game, the player controls a mysterious hero known only as “The Batter”, whose goal is to “purify” the game world. To do this, the player must travel through multiple areas, killing the ghosts in the game and their guards who reside there.

Like Reply: KinderAnd turning off It takes advantage of the fighting mechanics of RPG Maker. The player has to level up and improve his stats and even recruit party members to help with The Batter mission. What sets this game apart, however, is its atmosphere. unlike Ao unni And Reply: Kinderscary visuals, turning off It leans more towards the surrealist art style, which adds to the game’s strange but compelling narration.

turning off It was already popular after its initial release, but it grew even more after the game was translated into English. These English versions of the game are still available online. However, many liked the game’s core features, visual style, and overall antics. It was even the sixth most re-recorded game on Tumblr in 2013, surpassing AAA games like Skyrim And the last of us.

swamp mermaid

swamp mermaid It may not be on Steam, but there are other works by its creator. The game was made by Uri, who also created it strange man a series. First released in 2013, the story revolves around a woman named Rin Yamazaki and her friends, who have traveled to a mountainous area for vacation. But during their trip, their car broke down. This forces them to stay at night in a mansion in the middle of nowhere, and just outside of it is a great swamp.

Mermaid swamp more like Ao unni Because it does not include any combat sequences in RPG Maker. Instead, it encourages the player to explore and make the right choices to unlock the best possible ending. The game also leans heavily on physical horror, using graphic images to depict the characters in a bloated state. In addition, a remake of the game was released in 2018, and it features full Japanese voice acting.

swamp mermaid It has been well received in the horror RPG Maker community for its compelling story and disturbing visuals. Many liked that she was not shy about portraying her characters in such a hideous way. And with the new version, fans of antiquity can enjoy the game with some great voice acting and improved graphics.

These are just some of the countless RPG Maker Horror games that have been withheld over time. Despite that, they are still worth playing. Simple controls and cute sprites should not detract from the horror aspect of the games. On top of that, each of these titles offers something of value to the indie horror scene, be it in its style or story. As such, despite its seemingly outdated graphics and old school download methods, these games are well worth the time of any horror player.

English subtitles for indie horror games Ao unniAnd Reply: KinderAnd turning offAnd Mermaid swamp They are all available online for free on your PC.

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