Sony BRAVIA X80J Google TV review: A feature-rich luxury smart TV

A few weeks ago, Sony launched the first BRAVIA X80J 4K Ultra HD TV series based on Google TV in India.

It is available in multiple sizes – 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″ and 75″ – with prices ranging from Rs 82,900 to Rs 299,900. Our review unit is the 65-inch model and costs 1,79,999 rupees.

The above details are MRP (Maximum Retail Price) TVs and can be purchased at a lower price at Sony authorized centers and partner chains in India.

I’ve been using a Sony BRAVIA X80J 4K Ultra HD TV for about a month and here are my thoughts.

Design and durability
Sony’s new Google X80J TV features a sleek design with a slim bezel around the edge. It features a sturdy polycarbonate frame around the edge with a brushed aluminum finish.

At the base, the TV comes with two slots for heavy but slim metal mounts. Fits easily with less hassle and stays put on the stand. At the bottom are two X-Balanced (10W + 10W) ​​speakers (Type: Bass Reflex) tuned by Dolby Atmos (more on sound quality later).

On the back, it has Ethernet (1), Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI (x4 ports, HMDMi 2.1 eARC), digital audio output (1), 1x composite video input (mini-jack), RS-232C input (1), 1 headphone output, 2 x USB ports (supports FAT 16/32 / exFAT / NFTS formats).

The back of the TV is well protected and boasts Sony X-Protection PRO technology for safety. It promises to protect the TV from unexpected power surges (up to 15 kV) during multiple lightning strikes. Even during fluctuation of electricity, which is common in India, the TV is protected from sudden power surges of up to 2 kV.

Google TV Sony BRAVIA X80J. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

The new Sony TV also comes with a moisture-resistant coating, which prevents internal components from corroding when moisture-saturated air reacts with oxygen and electrons on the metal surface.

X-Protection PRO also provides a shield against dust (as small as 0.25mm) from getting inside the TV.

Setting up a Sony TV is like starting with a new smartphone. It has a few simple steps including logging in to a Google account, and it also provides an option to check the room layout to adjust the audio output. The new BRAVIA TV features an automatic audio calibration feature that, based on the TV’s location in the room, adjusts the sound coming from the dual X-balanced speakers, each positioned on the left and right side at the bottom.

It comes with an ultra-thin LCD panel with direct LED backlighting and frame-dimming technology. These make the TV provide higher brightness, as well as better backlighting and black uniformity. You can see the sample to see how natural dark colors look on TV.

Google TV Sony BRAVIA X80J. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

The Sony BRAVIA X80J 4K Ultra HD TV (3,840×2,160p) works like magic in terms of improving picture quality for non-HD channels. During the testing period, I noticed a significant improvement in terms of color and sharpness compared to other more affordable 4K TVs in the market. The latter can only play HD content, but it lacks video quality upgrade technology.

A non-HD channel played on a Google Sony BRAVIA X80J TV. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

The new X80J TV model features Dolby Vision, Sony’s proprietary Live Color TRILUMINOS PRO technology, and X1 4K HDR image processor, which performs object-based HDR remastering, Super bit 4K HDR mapping, and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer to make viewing an enjoyable experience.

For example, if you are watching a cooking show on YouTube, the TV is able to select individual elements such as leafy greens from the pots and background and add some strong color thus improving the quality of the content. It works in the same way while streaming wildlife documentaries, it takes it high in terms of an immersive viewing experience.

Furthermore, the X80J supports the Motionflow XR 200, which is especially useful while watching sports. This feature increases the number of frames viewed every second, enabling the TV to produce a smoother and more natural moving picture.

Google TV Sony BRAVIA X80J. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

It also supports Ambient Optimization, whereby the TV can sense the lighting condition in the living room and adjust the brightness automatically.

As far as the Google TV user interface is concerned, it is really simple and easy to understand. It ties together all the popular apps, trending TV shows and movies with visually appealing title cards along with the cast members. This is much better than the previous generation Android TV version. Provides better customization in terms of tab structure (Search, For You, Live TV, Movies, Shows, Apps, and Library). Also, as the user watches more content on Google TV, the recommendation feature gets better over time.

There is also Kids Mode, where the contents are well curated with age-appropriate content for safe viewing for kids.

Google TV Sony BRAVIA X80J. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

There is also a Living Decor feature. Whenever it feels like the user stops watching the TV show, it offers awesome full screen wallpapers along with a clock on the TV screen.

Normally, when the user stops using the remote for a very long time, it will display a message on the screen asking if the owner is watching and if he does not receive any response, he will switch the live wallpaper mode.

For stable video streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other Over-The-Top (OTT) apps, users should have a good internet connection with speeds between 20Mbps and 100Mbps. Supports Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi (802.11/b/g/n/ac; dual-band: 2.5GHz/5GHz), plus Ethernet.

Google TV Sony BRAVIA X80J. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

In addition to the built-in Chromecast, it can play Apple TV content and support Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Kit to control IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets in the home.

The TV remote control, which comes with the retail box, is a handy, feature-rich tool. It offers four shortcuts to YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube Music. The navigation controls are in the middle and there are dedicated buttons for switching between cable TV networks, launching the Google Assistant, opening OTT apps, forward and backward scenes, adjusting volume, channels, and more.

Sony BRAVIA X80J Google TV Remote Control. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

The Sony TV remote control is a bit longer than usual compared to competing brands. But the convenience of having several dedicated function keys makes the user experience simple. My mother, who was just starting to use a touch screen phone, felt much more comfortable using this remote control than the previous one. Within a couple of days of use, I got a complete hang of it.

I liked the Google Assistant feature, as most of the time, the desired content was displayed on the screen.

Also, she was able to easily switch between YouTube and a set-top box, skip watching videos on OTT streaming apps, and by the end of the review period, she was very used to the new Sony TV remote and was disappointed by the return to the old “smart TV” , who has been with us for nearly a year and is still struggling to navigate it.

In the guise of minimalist design, some brands offer mini remote controls with just a few controls and each button has multiple functional capabilities. This actually especially complicates the elderly, who consume most of the content during the day.

Google TV Sony BRAVIA X80J. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

last thoughts
Sony has spared no effort to make the BRAVIA X80J a true premium TV. It has it all – beautiful bright screen, amazing slim design, flawless user interface, amazingly feature-rich remote control, supports screencast for both iPhone and Android phones.

Also, X-Protection Pro features are a big bonus especially in the tropics like India, where thunderstorms are common in monsoon season (June-September) and it’s always a chance of lightning surge/outages. in homes. During these uncertain times, it provides a second layer of protection in addition to a voltage stabilizer. Thus, the life of the Sony TV increases.

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