Sony delivers news for 2022 in photography, audio and smart TVs

This week, the Japanese tech company held its traditional tour through various Iberian cities to present the most attractive news for the first half of 2022. In fact, after two years, it was only possible to present this show in virtual form due to the global pandemic on the continent Sony Face-to-face coordination resumed.

In particular, we learn about products such as new TVs BRAVIA XR Master TV A95K series, headphones True Wireless LinkBuds surround sound system HT-A9.

The latest in Sony BRAVIA Smart TV

First, during the tour, Sony showcased several of its TV ranges. There we can see the Sony BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A95K live with the new QD-OLED panel.

This is the new generation of Smart TVs that offer a wider color palette thanks to the XR Cognitive Processor. This, as we remember, is the exclusive processor that reproduces the natural shades and tones most appealing to the human eye, to deliver the brightest colors and realistic textures at any brightness level.

On the other hand, with volume BRAVIA XR MASTER A90K. a seriesSony features its combination of a branded OLED panel and XR OLED Contrast Pro. Adjust to improve color and contrast in bright areas.

Thus viewers can enjoy unprecedented deep blacks and intense brilliance. Once again, the Cognitive Processor XR enhances images in the same way that the human eye focuses.

In practice, with BRAVIA XR X95K TVs, users can precisely control Sony’s latest generation Mini LED backlight. Thanks to the exclusive XR Backlight Master Engine with XR Cognitive Processor.

Finally, the X90K/X93K/X94K series demonstrates how, with Sony’s Full Array LED, you can control the backlighting on different areas of the screen to recreate more realistic images where bright and dark areas coexist simultaneously.

Additionally, these BRAVIA ranges feature “Perfect for PlayStation 5” technology, as they are designed to work seamlessly with the latest generation of Sony consoles.

Cameras for any kind of photography lover in 2022

Sony ZV10

Secondly, Sony also showcased its main products in the photographic world. It did so by briefly presenting its scope and characteristics. On TOUR, the video blogging market has appeared, which continues to grow.

In this segment aimed at content creators, Sony has an extension zt1 and ZV-E10, cameras designed specifically for vloggers, which take photos for social networks and record videos in professional quality.

360-degree sound for those who want a home cinema with Sony


In third place, Sony also revealed the HT-A9 sound system that allows you to enjoy the sound of movies, series and games from all directions, thanks to Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound.

In fact, with this technology, the HT-A9 intelligently measures the relative height and position of each speaker and combines sound waves to create up to twelve virtual speakers from just four actual speakers. All this in a compact and discreet product, or rather, four speakers.

Sony headphones to connect or disconnect from the world


Subsequently, in the field of sound, representatives of the brand commented on the growth of True Wireless headphones on the market. Therefore, Sony presented its latest developments in this sector.

First of all, we have the new LinkBuds. Ambition headphones It connects all your worlds (online and offline) seamlessly, with an innovative design that allows you to listen to calls, music and other online content at any time while still hearing your surroundings without feeling anything in your ear.

It’s small, light and with great support, you can comfortably wear it for hours and not miss a thing on a daily basis. According to Sony, these headphones are built with an open loop design, unique to the market, allowing the user to stay connected to the outside world without compromising their enjoyment of the content.


Furthermore, the ring player features an open central diaphragm to provide transparency of sound, allowing the sounds around you to be heard clearly. You can stay updated with 4gnews’ analysis of this product.

At the same time, by tapping two or three times near your ears (no need to touch the earbuds), you can adjust playback to your liking without having to fiddle with the LinkBuds. Finally, these headphones weigh around four grams, making them a marvel of compactness.

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