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Samsung The Frame TV – where form meets function and art meets technology. Here’s how this futuristic décor TV promises an unparalleled TV experience.

Art and technology have been courting each other since the dawn of modern civilization. But when these two worlds meet, we see a true pioneer of the function of the meeting of form and elegance meeting intelligence. In Samsung’s books, it’s called The Frame TV. A lifestyle TV that is named after its name and aims to meet the elegance of the highest standards of modern décor. Just 24.9mm thick, this numpad may look simple but what’s under the hood is truly amazing.

Décor has always been intended to be an extension of one’s creativity, and Samsung’s The Frame TV has no intention of limiting that. Samsung literally wants you to “make your own TV”. With a simple black bezel that’s 46% thinner than its predecessor, customizable bezels offer an option today’s TVs don’t. This magnetic frame allows one to switch between white and teak patterns that can be cut on and off.

For those wondering where the speakers will be located, The Frame includes a height-adjustable stand that allows you to space the table’s audio accessories.

Finally, let’s talk about the traditional purpose of a “frame” – displaying our fondest memories and artistic wonders on a wall or cabinet. Samsung The Frame TV features Art Mode, which allows you to digitally organize and showcase your best art collections and favorite family photos. You can store up to 1,200 photos, whether personal or artistic, on The Frame TV. So, whether you’ve been bitten by an art bug or you simply love to relive old memories, Frame TV can be the perfect panel for you. Furthermore, there is an art store that houses 1,400 pieces of art and can be used after paying a monthly subscription.

Samsung The Frame TV

The technology department is also booming. Remember we told you it’s a TV when it’s on and its decor when it’s off? Here’s how that works. Samsung The Frame uses a motion sensor to detect your presence in the room. As soon as you enter your living room, The Frame TV begins its artistic magic. To ensure pixel-perfect vibrancy throughout, there is also a brightness sensor on board. With Adaptive Picture, no matter what the room is, Samsung The Frame automatically and intelligently improves the brightness and contrast of its images.

Samsung has also brought this perk into the audio department, calling it Adaptive Sound+. Using the artificial intelligence of a quantum processor, The Frame TV is able to analyze the sound surroundings in a room and switch to the sound mode that best suits it. Moreover, they are taking this a step further with the help of SpaceFit’s voice. Now this is where things get really interesting, SpaceFit studies the acoustics of the room and its installation environment to choose the most suitable sound mode for it. How often do you see a TV doing this?

Samsung The Frame TV

Given the nature and purpose of The Frame, it’s safe to say that art and visual brilliance will definitely be very important to them. Samsung has ensured that no compromise is offered in this case. Using Quantum Dot technology, The Frame achieves 100% color volume that promises breathtaking colors at any brightness level. All of this is made possible by Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K, a super-intelligent engine that has pioneered three decades of making TV and digital diagnostics for technical meeting technology. It features AI 4K upscaling and 16-bit color mapping underneath while showing color realism with bi-color backlighting.

We all know how important connectivity is in this digital age, Samsung’s The Frame TV has a card to play here. Gently tap your smartphone on the Frame TV screen, and that’s it. See how Music Wall visualizations change the ambiance of your living room. Don’t want to do that? Well, just ask Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and the built-in Google Assistant. Finally, the remote is fully solar powered, so you can get rid of those batteries.

Samsung The Frame TV comes in 43, 50, 55 and 65 inch sizes and is available for reservations on Amazon, Flipkart or the Samsung Online Store starting at Rs 61,990.

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