The best iPads for professionals, artists, mobile gamers and more

Apple makes different models of iPad for different uses, so how do you differentiate them? Without knowing which is which, you will be overpaying for features you don’t need.

Exact specifications often obscure this point, making it difficult to decide which one is right for your particular requirements. We cut all the headaches out.

Our guide covers the best iPads for professional use, digital art, mobile gaming, and general media use – think YouTube and Netflix streaming.

The balanced price point and features speak volumes for this iPad. In addition to being one of the most affordable options on this list, the 2021 9th generation iPad includes a generous 64GB of storage space to host loads of games, apps, and downloaded photos and videos for on-the-go viewing.

With a 10.2-inch display powered by the A13 Bionic chip’s Neural Engine, you’re experiencing near-real-time response, though there’s a noticeable lag compared to the 2021 iPad Pro later in this list.

The 12MP front camera gives you decent shooting accuracy, and thanks to the Center Stage, your subject stays in the frame to minimize camera focus loss. This camera compares to Apple’s latest iPad Air, minus the ability to record in 4K resolution.

Optional upgrades include increasing storage capacity to 256GB and enhancing connectivity by adding a cellular network to your existing Wi-Fi capabilities.

Best for Professionals – iPad Air 2022

You might expect the 2021 iPad Pro to take the cake, but the iPad Air 2022 stole the show. With an impressive 10-hour battery life identical to the iPad Pro and a 10.9-inch screen, you can take this anywhere without worrying about storage space or reaching for that dreaded 10% battery notification.

Ultra-lightweight at just 458 grams and equipped with cellular access and Wi-Fi for uninterrupted service, the iPad Air 2022 includes all the previous benefits of Apple’s professional iPad range.

You can shoot 12MP camera photos or 4K video according to customer needs or record at 24fps (movie industry standard) for movie quality video recording.

The 8-core GPU and 8-core CPU create a responsive and flawless experience thanks to the M1 chip with a desktop-level architecture. It’s the best professional experience you can get on an iPad.

Games need space, and the iPad Pro 2021 has plenty of it. Take advantage of an 11-inch display with real-time response and ultra-high-resolution touch accuracy, powered by the Apple M1 chip. It’s no secret that the M1 is the best performing chip Apple has produced to date.

The 120Hz refresh rate is one of the biggest bonuses for mobile gaming to stay ahead of the competition with excellent performance. The Liquid Retina display keeps everything crisp, no matter what title you’re playing.

Want to connect your iPad Pro to an external display for a bigger picture? The Thunderbolt port gives you a nearly flawless connection to displays, as well as docking and exporting external storage. Shoot, edit, and export gameplay videos at amazing speeds.

It wouldn’t be iPad Pro if it didn’t include ultra-fast Wi-Fi, which is crucial to first-person shooter games on mobile platforms. With True Tone and P3 wide color, your gaming performance looks clear and color-accurate.

Artists need excellent precision, accuracy, and space. The 2020 iPad Pro has 128GB of built-in memory at its lowest price and up to 1TB of memory for certain models.

With a native resolution of 2388 x 1668 and a precise touch zoom function, artists can create highly detailed works while playing on a strong Wi-Fi connection for demanding online applications.

With a 2.49GHz processor and 6GB of RAM, apps open and react quickly; Your creativity doesn’t have to wait. With a slim profile and an average battery life of 10 hours, inspiration can hit you wherever you are, and you’ll be ready.

It’s important to note that Apple is no longer producing the all-new 2020 iPad Pro. Fortunately, Amazon Renewed guarantees excellent quality, support, and condition.

iPad Buying Guide: How to Find the Best iPad That Meets Your Needs

What is the cheapest way to buy a new iPad?

Amazon has consistently low prices on iPads. Amazon Renewed helps you save more money on slightly older iPad models. You can also use a browser extension like Honey or CapitalOne Shopping to scan the internet and find the best rates at checkout.

What is the difference between iPad and iPad Air?

iPad Air models tend to have a smaller bezel to reduce overall dimensions, although the screen size is nearly identical to the standard iPad or iPad Pro models. The iPad Air lineup is anywhere from 15 to 100 grams lighter than standard iPads depending on the specific generation and model.

Is the iPad Pro worth it?

The iPad Pro lineup traditionally includes faster processing speeds and more RAM than other iPad models released in the same year/generation.

As the name suggests, the iPad Pro is useful for professional applications. Pro models feature longer battery life per charge, fast and responsive on-screen results, and screens large enough to collaborate with customers or clients in person.

If you enjoy competitive mobile gaming, the iPad Pro lineup features a 120Hz screen, which is a true game-changer. iPad Pros are more powerful, albeit more expensive, models that provide extra power for those who need it.

Do I need an iPad case?

iPads are inherently fragile. It has glass fronts that can be easily scratched, cracked or shattered. Although an iPad case will not guarantee flawless security, it greatly reduces the risk of losing hundreds of dollars of technology by a simple slip.

Kim recommends the ProCase, which fits many 2020 and 2021 iPad models. It has a hard shell, a kickstand, and an attractive price point.

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