The lack of development suggests that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 FE may not happen this year…or next

unlike The hugely popular Galaxy S20 FE 5G, which was commercially released back in the fall of 2020 with a starting price of $699 with excellent specs in check, the 5G-enabled S21 FE is pretty much set to fail immediately, It debuted a bit too late and nowhere near enough substantial upgrades to justify an unchanged MSRP in 2022.

Too early to say?

While you may be inclined to distrust a prediction regarding a device that is certainly still a few months away from the official announcement, the arguments in support of Ianzuk’s theory that the S22 FE 5G will not be released this year certainly make sense… if TRUE.

It is claimed that Samsung has not yet started firmware development for its upcoming Fan Edition smartphone, and perhaps most alarmingly (for people who are eager to get the Galaxy S21 FE sequel as soon as possible), “the development team does not have anything AP related content to install.” Sample “.

This situation appears to be similar to what happened when “previous Galaxy Note models weren’t released”, which means the S22 FE could see the light of day a year or so after the S21 FE…or not at all, going the dodo’s way and Family Note above.

For now, we’ll assume that the phone’s development is simply at such an early stage that inside information about it has yet to surface, although if that doesn’t change in the near future, the Fan Edition lineup will be discontinued. It should be taken into account as a strong possibility as well.

What could this mean for the Galaxy S23 series?

While it’s certainly too early to jump to conclusions, it’s also no secret that The S21 FE’s gravity is quickly and seriously damaged by Samsung’s “Vanilla” s 22.
The latest 6.1 inch Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 proves powerful It’s less successful than its big brother Ultra, so if the Galaxy S22 FE is completely scrapped (and that “if” remains big), it certainly makes sense for the base S23 version to grow larger and possibly cheaper.

Considering that these are all simple assumptions on our part eliciting a rumor that is by no means confirmed or what it looks like at the moment how great a $700 or even $750 Galaxy S23 would be, say, a 6.3 inch 120 Screen Hz and Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 8-series monster on deck?

Considering that the Galaxy S22 has already dropped from a list price of $800 to $700 at a range of major US retailers, our dream of the S23 2023 is definitely achievable… as long as the phone will not adopt any of them with unprecedented new features or elements design like A selfie camera under the screen.
This type of plan would explain the rumored lack of development of the S22 FE, although the simpler explanation is likely a re-emergence The chip shortage that led to the late release of the S21 FE early this year.

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