The new PS5 exclusive horror game being built with Unreal Engine 5

A new PlayStation-exclusive horror game appears to be in development from the first-party studio, according to a recently found job listing.

A new PlayStation-exclusive horror game may be in development, dropping a recently-discovered job listing from first-party studio Sony. Fire Not a familiar name to many PlayStation fans, but this will likely change quickly in the coming years. Firesprite is famous for working on it playroomBeside Run Sackboy! He runs! It was acquired by Sony in 2021. It is highly rumored that work on twisted metal Reboot, but this may not be the only project Firesprite is working on.

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The job listing for Firesprite discovered by ResetEra user Toriko indicates that the Sony studio has an amazing new game in development. Job listings for a narrative director for a project described as an “AAA narrative-driven horror-adventure game.” Suffice to say, this is probably not a job advertisement twisted metalexcept for Firesprite taking the car combat game in a whole new direction.

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The only other information about the project that was revealed as part of the job listing is that the horror game is built on the Unreal Engine 5. While this doesn’t necessarily confirm anything specific, it does mean Firesprite has ambitious plans for the game. The AAA horror project built on the Unreal Engine 5 has the potential to have impressive visuals and atmosphere, although Firesprite still has a lot to prove in terms of AAA game development.

While Firesprite is not necessarily known for its horror projects, it does have a horror game in its release library. perseverance It is a first-person sci-fi horror game released across multiple platforms. Self-published and received average reviews, but it shows Firesprite’s interest in the horror genre. Firesprite might want to take another opportunity in a horror game, which has grown exponentially following the recent Sony acquisition.

Speaking of Sony’s acquisition of Firesprite, it’s almost certain that any project the studio is working on will be PlayStation exclusive at release. However, there is no mention of a platform in the list of narrative manager jobs. As such, it’s not clear if the new horror game will be a PS5 exclusive or be available on both PS4 and PS5.

Given that Firesprite is hiring a narrative director for the potential horror game, it seems quite certain that the project is off limits. It may be years before Firesprite officially announces this project, even if it gets to this point. A lot can change in development and it looks like Firesprite has plenty of other things to keep it busy.

FireThe horror game is rumored to be for PlayStation consoles.

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Source: ResetEra

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