The Sims 4’s complex designs basically look like the screenshots of Dragon Age: Inquisition

There is still a Dragon Age 4 release date on the horizon, and we are all coming to terms with our own ways. I look forward to my copy of Tevinter Nights for a second read. Meanwhile, KawaiiFoxita, a staunch Dragon Age fan, is recreating the Dragon Age Inquisition locations within The Sims 4, and these awesome structures make me sad for Thedas.

KawaiiFoxita’s Inquisition-inspired buildings have been reminded of thanks to SimsCommunity, which highlighted the latest design inspired by the Skyhold pub room where your rogue companion Sera hangs out. I admit I didn’t exactly spend a lot of time with Sera, so I had to upload my old profile to check out her bard for comparison, and boy, did I install Foxita in the cozy and messy interior.

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Sera’s room as it appears in Dragon Age: Inquisition, a grueling decorative challenge. (Image credit: Electronic Arts, Bioware)

As a passionate but hobbyist Sims 4 builder, I can only imagine all the time Foxita spent putting every book, basket, and pillowcase carefully decorated. It takes a lot of effort to make the room more cluttered.

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