This new cheap Samsung phone is the Galaxy S21 FE I’ve been ordering all along

It’s no secret that I wasn’t keen on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – this ‘affordable’ phone on the Galaxy S21 was an inferior phone to its bigger brother in most respects, not least because it wasn’t really any cheaper – as review explores.

However, there is clearly some mileage in the idea of ​​a cheaper alternative to Samsung’s flagship line, and the company has just launched a more enticing phone which is basically the S21 FE we’ve wanted all along. Or, since the S22 line has already gone out, we can consider it the S22 FE.

This is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (£399/AU$699), which was announced at a mid-size launch event alongside the low-spec Galaxy A33 5G (£329/AU$599). These are the next entries in Samsung’s mid-range and low-cost Galaxy A family, and the A53 in particular is significant, as the A52 is one of the company’s best-selling smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A53 (Image credit: TechRadar/John McCann)

What is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G?

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