This OLED TV is the best thing I’ve bought all year – here’s why

Let’s talk about televisions. I want to tell you about a TV I bought a few months ago that ended up being the best purchase I’ve made all year, bar none. It’s made everything from movies to games look better, improving the experience of sitting on my couch staring at a screen — and I’ve been doing a lot of that since COVID-19.

This is a big deal to me because I’m not a huge TV guy. Over the years, I’ve slowly upgraded from SD to HD and then, eventually, to the 4K range, mainly in pursuit of a better console gaming experience. It was a simple, happy life, but if you had asked me about the TV’s refresh rate, color accuracy, or input lag, I would have given you a blank look. Heck, most of the time I forgot the size of the TV once I threw the box away. All that mattered was that it displays everything I want to see in original resolution, and it looks good doing it.

This year all that changed when I bought a 65-inch C1 OLED TV from LG. We’ve already reviewed it here at Tom’s Guide, although I didn’t know it when I bought it and on our site LG C1 OLED Review We called it one of the best OLED TVs of the year. We recommend it as one of the best LG TVs and best 4K gaming TVs you can buy, and for good reason: It delivers great picture quality, even to my eyes.

(Image credit: Future)

We use phrases like “outstanding image quality” regularly here because they are clear and simple ways to describe how good (or not) a product is. But I want to do more than just tell you how well this TV works: I want to help you understand why it’s so important. If you’re considering investing in an OLED TV, I want you to know that it really is a meaningful improvement over an LED TV, and you’ll appreciate it every time you sit down to watch it.

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