Vampire Bloodhunt is a battle royale game for PC/PS5 that deserves to sink your teeth into

Conceptually, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt… is unique.

Taking on a pen-and-paper RPG series that will later be adapted into popular adventure games and create a battle royale might seem strange on the surface, but after only one or two games with the upcoming PS5 release (from April 27), we’re impressed by how seamlessly the genres merge and how keen we are to keep going. in play.

Matches in Bloodhunt begin with players choosing a category to specialize in. This will affect the player’s in-game abilities and character appearance. These abilities include things like displaying a version of yourself for enemies to shoot, or disappearing into a cloud of smoke. It appears to be very effective, and there doesn’t seem to be a distinctly dominant character, although we’re sure it will emerge as soon as more players get their hands on the game.

In single or triple mode, the goal is simple, to be the last vampire standing. You will do this by picking up weapons and hunting down your fellow creatures. It is very satisfying to see someone run away and chase them through Prague. The combination of dark city streets and neon glow makes the horror elements of battle royale games even stronger.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt PS5 Preview

Throughout the visually impressive map of Prague, there are areas guarded by The Entity, rangers in armor who shoot on location and who boast a huge range of health. Taking a whole bunch of them isn’t easy, but they also hold the keys to high-level loot that can quickly turn the tide of battle. They also act as a great distraction, as once you engage an enemy, they make it easy for you to fall for them or sneak up on them.

This also means that if you want to get high level loot and are not ready to take it out fast enough, you will create a large ad showing other players exactly where you are, and this also happens if you are spotted on the street feeding on a NPC character. Each of these Prague residents gives special amateur players that can be stacked if you keep feeding the same kind of people. For example, one person’s melee damage may increase by 5%, but finding three of a kind and sucking their blood will make your melee power pretty much unstoppable.

We found that the game has a healthy variety of weapons that seem workable. From contemporary rifles to bows and even katanas. Melee weapons were especially deadly, as we were able to score some victories by combining it with the aforementioned melee power.

Shooting looks satisfying, if a bit floating on the PS5. Players who are used to first-person shooters may have to spend some time adjusting, but the movement and capabilities all look great on the console and are intuitive. 3D audio and haptic feedback have also been built into the PlayStation 5 version of the game using DualSense, something the developer Sharkmob is exploring to implement in the PC version.

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One of the main sticking points for players in the direct service era is monetization, and from our conversations with the Sharkmob team, it seems that they are well aware of the potential risks they face, should something go wrong with this item. Allow players to purchase cosmetic items and a Battle Pass. Although the game is free, there are different paid versions of the game that come with cosmetic items, but in all of our conversations with the team, everyone we spoke to was adamant that the game wouldn’t explore any pay. Mechanics to win.

Cosmetics are naturally appropriate for a subgenre of horror that is very synonymous with a certain style of fashion. Players will be able to make their character look like anything from a ’90s shopping mall to Van Helsing and even some movie-inspired outfits. We’re 99% sure we’ve seen a legal distinct costume, but unfortunately there is no baseball costume that celebrates the greatest scene in vampire cinema.

Sharkmob claims to be keeping a close eye on how long it will take players to unlock more battle passes, and they’re ready to quickly adjust pricing, something other live services, like 2021’s Halo Infinite, have struggled with at launch.

All the characters and the game world look great. As it falls at night, Prague is bathed in exaggerated moonlight, and every corner feels home to a neon sign factory. This makes running across the rooftops and soaring above the streets feel great, with a great sense of speed achieved, while making each area feel special.

Large fixed pieces like the blazing church are highlights that you and your team will meet in game after game. After a few tours we found it easy to navigate the city. It’s definitely not the biggest map in the genre, but for a game with less than 50 players per round, it’s a good thing.

Maintaining stealth while gambling to get loot or feed on an NPC is a huge part of the game, so if the map is massive, you won’t feel too dangerous to raise the alarm and light up your location on the map.

In the end, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt will live and die based on its ability to engage audiences and keep them happy. The gameplay looks great, even at this early stage, and while some abilities and weapons seem to complement each other as well as make many of the weapons feel complementary or unrelated, we haven’t had a single round that hasn’t been fun.

It’s always hard to thread a compelling narrative into a battle royale setting, and we’ll wait until the latest release and season one of content to make a judgment on how to handle that, but Prague is one of the most compelling modern day battle royale maps of the genre, and offers a stark visual difference from the offerings. similar in its class.

Smart monetization and the feeling from within the Sharkmob team that they have a solid vision for the game’s future are promising, but as we’ve seen in a recent wave of live service games, it’s not about the plan and how you might react when the plan goes wrong.

Crucially, the tension-filled action of being in the last bunch of players is thrilling in Bloodhunt, and with a map, though not quite the size of Verdansk, and dense with plot, Vampire The Masquerade can join the heavy battle royale.

Sharkmob told us that there are already fan-filled feuds drawn to early access through the game’s role-playing elements, rather than battle royale, so there’s a real chance that a bunch of players uninterested in the different lore will break through. Shooters of this nature, but for us, it’s about what Sharkmob can do to maintain that “one more round” feel that will truly reveal whether a Bloodhunt gains battle royale immortality or a stake in the heart.