We are reviewing the popular Samsung UE55AU710 TV

Nowadays, competition between manufacturers of television sets is intense. Every brand wants to deliver the best viewing experience with picture, sound, enhanced streaming capabilities, and more.

The market is flooded with TVs, so it is difficult to choose a leading option. However, we think this Samsung TV is the clear winner.

The Samsung UE55AU710 has quickly emerged as a must-have for anyone seeking a highly rated 55-inch TV that doesn’t break the bank. The TV delivers one of the best 4K Ultra HD images available in vibrant and immersive colours. Plus, you can effortlessly stream your favorites while controlling the TV with your smartphone.

Let’s examine what makes this TV so special compared to other similar models.

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Photo: John Lewis

product specification:

  • Crystal Wizard 4
  • adaptive sound
  • gaming capabilities
  • Samsung Health
  • Contrast Enhancer
  • PurColor . Technology
  • Near the Bezel-Less screen.
  • One remote control

Pros and Cons

  • Incredibly clear screen

  • The quality of the sounds is great

  • Smartphone compatible controls

  • Can lose color in bright light (sunlight)

Let’s dive into the top rated Samsung 55 inch TV!

Here are the most important features of the Samsung TV UE55AU710

Samsung TV review
Photo: John Lewis

picture and sound

When you sit down to watch TV, you want to enjoy the picture in amazing detail – the way the film producers intended. Fortunately, Samsung 55 inch TV offers such a screen. Best of all, you’ll really feel like you’re part of the action as the TV automatically adjusts the sound to suit what you’re watching. This helps you dig deeper into the story and scenes.

In more detail

Watch movies in greater detail thanks to Samsung’s HDR TV technology that reveals all the nuances of the movie. Whether the screen is dark or bright, you will not miss any action because you can easily see all the movements. Contrast Enhancer lets you see more detail on the screen while Purcolour technology enhances colors to make them look more realistic.

Smart TV

The Samsung UE55AU710 can be operated using your smartphone. You can actually set up your entire TV from start to finish using just your phone; It only takes a few taps. Once set up, you can enjoy a great selection of 4K movies and TV shows. You can also play catch-up using the Samsung TV app. Your TV comes loaded with Netflix, Apple TV, BT Sports, Disney+, and NOW TV too.

Enhanced gameplay capabilities

If you’re looking for a gaming TV, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung UE55AU710. The TV offers Motion Xcelerator, so you won’t miss a minute of the action with Auto Low Latency Mode.

Samsung TV ue55au7100kxxu
Photo: Kari

Samsung health

Your TV can act as a home gym with the Samsung Health app. You can even take classes or use fitness classes to get in shape.

Using Samsung TV and APP Features

Tizen powers the smart platform for Samsung TV. The intuitive system gives you access to an impressive array of content. We especially like the way the TV creates personalized recommendations based on things you’ve already watched.

Works with smart devices

The TV is fully compatible with the smart devices in your home such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby. You can connect using a compatible app and smartphone.

Using Samsung TVPlus

Access to TV and Movies via TV Guide. You’ll also enjoy all the traditional TV channels – Expand your viewing and viewing of subscription-free content with the inclusion of ALL 4, My5, iPlayer, BBC and ITV Hub.

Is Samsung UE55AU710 worth it?

Samsung TV review
Photo: John Lewis

If the ability to stream and watch your favorite shows in great clarity is important to you, then you’ll want to check out this best-selling Samsung TV model. No, it’s not a huge 65- or 75-inch TV, but the 55-inch screen and crisp graphics instantly fall into the action. You will swear that the screen is larger than its actual size.

This top-of-the-line TV offers great screen resolution, enhanced sound and works well with all your smart devices. It can definitely hold its own against more expensive models.

Are there other cheaper alternatives on the market?

When shopping for the best Samsung TV, you’ll encounter cheaper alternatives but are they necessarily better? You’ll need to compare features to determine if the least expensive option can keep its own against the Samsung UE55AU710. It’s hard to find a TV with all that this model has to offer at a lower price.

You need a TV that perfectly matches your viewing needs. Fortunately, the Samsung UE55AU710 is ahead of the competition with its great features. The model regularly comes out ahead of the competition in reviews and performance.

If you are seriously considering buying a 55 inch TV, we highly suggest you to check out the Samsung UE55AU710 now.

Prices updated on 03/16/2022. We are not responsible for any changes to the above prices.

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