What Happened Now that Xbox Series X is Easier to Buy

Xbox Series X and S standing next to each other on a gray background.

picture: Microsoft

After an astounding 17 months of release, Microsoft’s latest generation Xbox is Finally, more easily. As a result, the publisher is having its first good sales month in a very long time, as the Xbox Series S and Series X brought in more money in March than the Nintendo Switch.

In breaking business news, it turns out that if you have your product available, a lot of people will buy it. That’s the revelation Microsoft took, now that the Xbox Series S and Series X, at last, More likely to appear in stores, both physical and online. According to NPD sales data, this resulted in Microsoft bringing in more money than its competitors in March 2022, even though the Switch outperformed the S/X series in terms of individual units.

While finding Series X could prove to be an occasional ordeal, KotakuChecks found this morning that they are readily available via Best Buy. Meanwhile, Series S was absolutely ubiquitous to purchase at its standard price, from Jim Stop to Goal to best buy to Walmart.

Nintendo will likely outperform Microsoft in terms of units sold thanks to the Switch’s cheaper price compared to the X Series combined with the more widespread availability of the Switch.

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In the meantime, these results appear to be positive Hide the overall decline in hardware sales year on year, according to Mat Piscatella of the NPD. March gross sales show about a quarter down from 2021, down 24%, and the first quarter of 2022 shows an overall drop of 15% over last year.

Piscatella speculates This may be a result of the continuing scarcity of devices that meet “higher prices in other regions”. Or, in other words, the cost of living crisis that hits so much of the world is finally catching up with video games.

Of course, the poor old PlayStation has yet to see anything like the Series X/S return to the shelves, as the PS5 is still as rare as rhino poo. The checks we made at the same stores offering the Series S for sale didn’t all return the fun to the PlayStation 5.

It will be interesting to see if that can change in the second quarter of 2022, especially like Sony PS Plus launches refurbished Trying to get Universal Game Pass from Microsoft. Without machines to use it on (and try fi . fileFinding a new PS4, too — we can’t), it’s going to be much more difficult, especially as we head into a summer of skyrocketing prices on family essentials.

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