What is the latest iPhone? We break it

Apple tends to push the envelope. If the tech giant always seems to have some new software update or new technology on the market, it’s because it happens so often. Everyone wants the latest iPhone, but with new releases every year, it can be hard to keep up with the latest phones. Casual phone lovers may not know that their iPhone X is very old.

Apple is hitting the iPhone 13 today and soon will release the new iPhone SE. This article is here to keep you updated on this model and which one is going to be the hottest new device on the market in the future. We’ll give you the inside information on the latest iPhones, as well as provide capsule reviews of the latest iPhones sold by Apple through its website. We hope this keeps you updated on the current status of your iPhone and helps you focus on the right device for you.

Latest iPhone

While the iPhone 13 is the latest iPhone in the regular series of numbers, the more budget-friendly Apple iPhone SE (2022) is the latest iPhone model. At $429, the iPhone SE is designed to thread the needle of affordability and performance into Apple’s line of smartphones. It’s also a more traditional model of the iPhone 13, while retaining some classic features like the Home button with Touch ID.

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