What to do after killing Godrick in Elden Ring

Lands Between is so vast that it can be quite overwhelming when you start playing Elden Ring. You have so many options, it can be hard to know where you’re supposed to go. It won’t help you when you’re facing a difficult area or a boss and are wondering if your skill is missing, or you just arrived early.

By the time I beat Godrick, most of these fears should have been gone. Not that the world looks smaller, but you should have played (and died) enough to find your feet by then. Getting to Liurnia of the Lakes opens up a lot of options, including some that you might not be familiar with, but don’t worry, I’ll show you some of your options. Here’s where you can go after you beat Godrick at the Elden Ring.

Raya Lukaria Academy

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Raya Lucaria Academy is probably the first thing you’ll notice when you get out of Stormveil Castle. It is right in the middle of the lake and its size makes it hard to miss. This is the next logical step in your journey and immerses you in an area filled with sorcery-wielding enemies and, of course, some bosses. The principal director of the academy, Rannala, gives you the option Respec Once defeated, so if you are unhappy with your build or want to try different stat customizations, this is a good place to head first.

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