Xbox Game Pass expands into a PlayStation battle

Written by Jason Collins | 4 weeks ago

While Sony’s latest version of PlayStation Plus, a redesigned subscription model, failed to beat Xbox Game Pass, a subscription that’s meant to challenge, the Xbox team at Microsoft decided to expand their existing subscription to battle PlayStation. Unfortunately, this does not include additional games and backward compatible titles on Game Pass, as these are available by default. Instead, Microsoft is said to be preparing to announce a family subscription plan for Xbox Game Pass.

According to Polygon, Windows Central reported (citing a trusted internal source) that Microsoft intends to keep its championship belt in the “best gaming subscription” category by boosting its bid to take on rival Sony – which has already failed. According to their report, the next tier of Game Pass subscription will allow up to five players within the same country to play together with a single Game Pass subscription under the supervision of one account holder, similar to the Netflix or Disney+ family subscription plans.

The lack of this functionality in Xbox Game Pass has been a common frustration among Xbox owners for years, especially for those who share a home with other game-loving members. Xbox Game Pass subscriptions are tied to specific Xbox profiles rather than devices, allowing players to sign in from any other Xbox console. And while this technically allows users to add a secondary Xbox console to their subscription plan, the primary account holder must be signed in to the second console to access their games.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat inconvenient, and families with multiple players/consoles often get overwhelmed by paying multiple individual subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass, which can be quite inconvenient. The so-called family subscription plan will use Microsoft’s existing family account system, which is already used for Office 365 services. This system allows users to include a limited number of devices in the subscription.

The main advantage of the family account system is that it allows users to manage the devices associated with the subscription. For example, suppose your console is old or broken. In this case, you can easily connect a new device to your subscription plan by logging into the family account system and removing the old console from Xbox Game Pass. From there, adding a new device is as easy as signing into Xbox Game Pass with the primary account holder’s login credentials, and the system will automatically add the new console. Very stylish and very comfortable.

And while this sounds like Microsoft’s response to Sony’s new subscription plan, Xbox has been very keen on growing and expanding the Xbox Game Pass subscriber base — even going so far as to enable Xbox games to be played without owning hardware. The company’s cloud gaming service currently has more than 25 million subscribers, and the company’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard could bring popular titles like Call of duty And world of cans to Xbox Game Pass.

Therefore, it’s really no surprise that Microsoft is looking to accommodate its rapidly growing subscriber base by making it easier for families to participate in the Xbox Game Pass subscription plan. Unfortunately, exact details, such as pricing, were not disclosed.

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