Xbox had one of its best months ever

The market research firm found that Xbox surpassed the previous record for hardware sales for the month of March, in both units sold and dollars.

Over the past year, sales of next-generation consoles have been like Xbox Xbox X The Series S is hampered by hardware supply issues, among other issues that make these consoles hard to find. Stores sell out consoles quickly and then have to wait weeks for re-supply. Fortunately, for the current console manufacturers, Microsoft and Sony, these systems are still in high demand.

The Xbox Series X is over a year old, and it’s still hard for gamers to get hold of it. Fortunately for Microsoft, it seems to be handling the hardware supply issue a bit better than Sony and PS5 resupply is out of reach.

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Xbox Series X is now breaking records for console brand sales according to new figures released by NPD Group, a market research firm. The Xbox Series X actually broke records after becoming the fastest-selling Xbox console when it was first released in November 2020. But now, it has beaten the previous Xbox record for sales in both units and dollars for the month of March. The previous record for unit sales for the month has not been beaten since 2011, two years before the release of the Xbox One, which has sold disappointingly compared to current Xbox Series X sales.

The numbers were posted on Twitter by Matt Piscatella, a video game industry consultant at the NPD. Microsoft stopped providing Xbox sales numbers after the company apparently switched from sales performance to consumer engagement as a metric for measuring product success. Despite this, Xbox sales numbers appear to be on the rise, and the record-breaking March for both unit and dollar sales shows how well the Xbox Series X is selling.

It should be noted that the NPD numbers only cover Xbox sales in the US market, and do not reflect how well the console has sold in other regions. It is also expected that the supply chain issues that affected all console manufacturers have yet to be fully resolved, and this may continue to hurt future sales. However, this means that the Xbox Series X may not have peaked in sales yet, and more monthly sales records may continue to be broken.

The Piscatella NPD numbers thread on Twitter also includes the March sales numbers for games sold. This reveals that in dollar sales, elden ring It is still the best-selling game not only on Xbox consoles, but across PlayStation and PC as well. The thread reveals that too elden ring in second place after Call of Duty: Vanguard For sales over the past 12 months, which is a big deal for an ostensibly a fantasy single-player game.

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